OnMyShelf Administration Guide

Note: This documentation is not complete yet. More to come!


The easiest way to install OnMyShelf is to use the docker project here.

If you want to install the API manually, here are the instructions:


  • A MariaDB (>10.3) database (should also work with a recent MySQL server)
  • A web server with rewrite module enabled, PHP 8.0+ and the following PHP modules:
    • exif
    • gd
    • pdo
    • pdo_mysql
    • zip

See this file to help you find the good PHP extensions.


Copy config.default.php to config.php then edit it.


Go into the project folder then run:

php bin/oms install


If you uses the docker project, you have nothing to do.

If you have installed the API manually, go into the project folder then run:

php bin/oms upgrade


A file named onmyshelf.log is stored at the root of the project. You can change the path of the log file and logs verbosity into:

  • .env if using docker
  • API's config.php if installed manually